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The products on this page are some of my most used kitchen and photography tools or books I really love and can totally  recommend. For example the book "On food and cooking", I really learned a lot from it (and still do ) because I think it contains almost every little piece of information on ingredients, techniques, meats, doughs and eggs you could possibly want to know...and even more.

Just to let you know, the pictures on this site are affiliate links and  will open as a new tab in your browser, so don't be scared... it's no spam :) If you feel like supporting me and my site, make sure that cookies are enabled for this page in your browser-settings! This way, amazon will notice that you came from TheKitchenAddiction, which will get me a small commission if you buy something on Amazon within the next day.

I know this is some information that isn't shared by a lot of blogs but I think it's important and I just wanted to let you know :)

Either way I hope you have fun exploring and browsing through my favourites!

De'Longhi EC 680

DeBuyer Iron Pan

On Food and Cooking

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Tamron 90mm Macro

Boning Knife


WMF Kult Pro Power