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I’m David and this is both my online kitchen and living room. Nice to have you here!

As you probably have guessed already I love food and cooking and taking pictures of my creations.

When I’m not cooking, or at least thinking about food and new ingredients I just found at the farmer’s market or in the last corner of some small Asian supermarket, I’m probably either asleep, or I’m doing what psychology students usually are doing during their master degree… yeeeah that’s right … crunching numbers and thinking about statistics.

I know, I know.. the classic picture of a psychologist is an old man, sitting beside a couch, taking notes and frowning upon some serious problems, but there is a bit more to it than that... one of the cornerstones of every good treatment should be its evidence based practice, which itself should be built upon some serious statistics in order to know whether something really works, or just appears to do so.

With all those numbers and data analysis on the one side, cooking and being creative have always balanced my interests on the other hand. And although I’m really into the science behind the human mind, our feelings and behaviour, I’ve always had some creative projects besides that.



From drawing, to sewing leather through to building DIY coffee tables, I really like trying out new things and work, not just with my mind, but with my hands too.

Eventually, at some point in 2015, I picked up photography and  invested in my first DSLR and of course it wasn’t for long before my love for delicious food and my new hobby came together. Sometimes I could spent a whole weekend completely lost in pinterest), looking at some stunning food photography and fantasizing about my own blog (haha truth is…I still do that sometimes ).

When it comes to food I’m rather at the savoury side, but the Austrian kitchen has plenty of amaaazing desserts to offer too, which I’m surely not going to withhold from you (How could I do such an evil thing?!)! BUUUT of course this isn’t a blog just about Austrian cuisine, there are loads and loads of unbelievably delicious recipes from all over the world which I’m really looking forward to explore.. if you are too, head over to the  Blog section!


Thanks for visiting!